The SeaLion Barber

Barber Services

  • Classic Precision Cut $30
  • Using scissors and/or clippers, a custom cut to suit your personal taste and lifestyle – fades, gentlemen’s cuts, mullets and more. This can include a brief touchup to the beard outline using trimmers. For $15, add a straight razor outline using hot towels and a beard trim.

  • Buzz Cut $20
  • Basic buzz cut and sharp outline for those who maintain a get up and go look for your busy lifestyle.

  • The Slater $40
  • A straight razor head shave.

  • Kickback Straight Razor Shave $45
  • This rejuvenating service includes hot towels and face massage with professional oils to prep the skin for an old school razor shave, followed by a closing of the pores using aftershave or a smoky mezcal leaving you with a clean shave and outlook for the rest of the day.

  • Date Night Package $69
  • This service will give you the full transformation feel and have you fit for situations where your peak level of classiness is required.

  • Just a Beard Trim $10- $15
  • Select your beard and outline to suit your face shape, or trim the whole thing. Prices may vary depending on complexity.

All prices exclude applicable taxes. | Please note that prices are an indication only.